How To Start A Speaking Ministry

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How To start a speaking ministry

How do you start a speaking ministry? If you are reading this blog, I know it is because God has put something amazing inside of you that you need to share with the world.

But, chances are if your reading this, your not exactly sure how to get started.

You feel called to speak, but you are stuck.

In this blog, I will lay out three simple steps to get going with your speaking ministry right now. But I have to tell you there is no shortcut.

If you are really serious about starting your speaking ministry, check out my program called “Take The Leap.”

But let’s get going with three steps to start your speaking ministry.

Step 1 Define what you are going to speak about.

Myth: I want to speak about everything.

Reality: You need to define what you are speaking about clearly.

I often talk with people who feel called to speak, but when I ask them what they want to speak about, they come back with something along the lines of “everything,” “what’s on my heart,” or worse yet, “I am not sure.”

If you are going to start a speaking ministry, the most important thing you can do is define what you want to speak about.

I like to ask this question to bring clarity “if you could speak about one thing, what would it be?”

Before you say, Jesus. 

I want to really encourage you to hone in.

Maybe you feel called to speak about healing, freedom, or spiritual growth.

The more specific you are about what you want to speak about, the better.

I know this may feel a bit limiting, but it’s not. 

The truth is if someone is bringing you in to speak, they are not looking for you to talk. They are looking for you to impart some truth that will bring about spiritual transformation.

Step 2 Describe who you want to speak to.

Myth: I want to speak about everyone!

Reality: You need to define who you are best fit to speak too clearly.

Right alongside the “I am not sure what I want to speak about” is the “I want to speak to everybody crowd.”

Let me save you a lot of time. That thinking is broken. 

Imagine standing up in front of a group of people who are allergic to cats and talk for 30 minutes about how amazing they are. 

Not only will people check out, but talk about AWKWARD!

Speaking to everyone is not an option. Speaking to everyone means speaking to no one.

You need to describe who you are called to speak to.

Are they married? Single, Retired? Are they mature Christians? New believers?

Step 3 Determine where you can speak right now.

Myth: I want to speak everywhere.

Reality: You need to start somewhere.

This may be the most overlooked step of all.

People often look at big conferences and dream in their mind that they are on the platform speaking. And the chasm between that stage and their life couldn’t feel any bigger.

I understand. I was there once. Dreaming of a speaking ministry but not sure where to start.

So, let me help you.

Forget the massive conference for a minute and ask yourself this question “where can I speak right now?”

Chances are, there is somewhere you can speak if you are willing to ask.

In conclusion,

Take these three simple steps right now to start your speaking ministry:

1) Define what you are going to speak about.

2) Describe who you want to speak to.

3) Decide where you can speak right now.

As I said earlier, if you feel called to speak, check out Take The Leap.

I developed this program to help aspiring speakers, authors, and musicians, make a living doing what they love.

Through an easy to follow, non-coercive, guilt-free plan to ethical build your platform so you can share things that are Good, True, and Beautiful with the world.

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