The Spiritual Gift of Administration


The Spiritual Gift of Administration

The spiritual gift of Administration is the supernatural ability to organize people and ministries for the most effective and efficient God-glorifying outcome.


The Greek word for Administration is the word kubernesis. This word was used in biblical times to refer to people who were responsible for steering a ship.

This is a wonderful picture that sheds light on the purpose of the spiritual gift of Administration. An administrator’s primary gift is to help steer people and systems to fulfill the Great Commission. This means that Administration is not merely filing papers or making phone calls. It is fundamentally about helping people find their proper place in the body of Christ so they can use their spiritual gifts.

Examples from the Scripture:

The Bible is filled with stories of people who have the gift of Administration. Two of the most prominent figures gifted in this way are Joseph and Nehemiah. Both of these great men were gifted to organize people and systems to fulfill a vision for God’s glory.

When this gift is present:

When the Spiritual gift of Administration functions in a local church, members know their place; systems function efficiently.

When this gift is absent:

The gift of Administration will often go unnoticed when it is functioning properly, but when it is not functioning in an organization, it is painfully visible. Without the gift of Administration functioning in a local church, the congregation will struggle with organizing projects, and many members will never find their place in the body of Christ. We see this very thing in Acts 6 when complaints begin to arise because people’s needs are not being met, and the apostles empower seven men to function as deacons who help administrate the needs of the church.

In the Life of Jesus:

Jesus is the perfect picture of the gift of Administration. He appointed 12 men to be his disciples (Mark 3:13-14) and later sent out 72 others in groups of two to go ahead of him to prepare the way for his arrival (Luke 10:1).

Do you have the spiritual gift of Administration? * Do you excel at bringing order out of chaos?

  • Does helping people find their place in the body of Christ energize you?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to help enhance systems and processes to further the work of God?

Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of Administration:

  • Volunteer to organize an event or outreach.
  • Work with a ministry leader to help them effectively implement their vision.

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