The Spiritual Gift of Evangelism


The Spiritual Gift of Evangelism    


The spiritual gift of Evangelism is the supernatural ability to effectively communicate the Gospel and inspire believers to reach their world for Christ.


Though every believer is a part of fulfilling the Great Commission, those who possess the gift of Evangelism have a supernatural ability to witness with great fervency and effectiveness. Those that possess this gift easily develop relationships with unbelievers and have an unceasing desire to share the Gospel through creative ways in places that do not have a vibrant witness of the Gospel.

Example from the Scripture:

In Acts 8:48, we see the story of Phillip, the evangelist, who preached the Gospel in Samaria and performed great signs and wonders. As a result of his ministry, the Scriptures tell us that the city was full of great joy.

When this gift is present:

When the gift of Evangelism is present in a local church, there is a sense of enthusiasm for being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

When this gift is absent:

When Evangelism is absent or lacking in a church, the congregation will be sluggish in their attempt to reach their city. In turn, the focus of that church will almost entirely revolve around keeping the congregation content rather than fulfilling the Great Commission.

In the Life of Jesus:

At the very heart of everything Jesus did, he modeled a life of Evangelism. He was bold, loving, and welcoming, yet He still called for repentance and was a friend of sinners and tax collectors and the savior of the whole world. Jesus was very clear about his purpose on the earth, “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

Do you have the spiritual gift of Evangelism?

  • Do you have a passion for sharing the Gospel with unbelievers?
  • Does sharing the Gospel energize you?
  • Do you inspire other people to share their faith and preach the Gospel?
    Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of Evangelism:
  • Join an outreach ministry available at your local church.
  • Make it a personal goal to share your faith with someone every week. * Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.

I hope these definitions and descriptions of each spiritual gift were helpful. If you would like to learn more about spiritual gifts or discover what spiritual gifts you have, take our free spiritual gift test.

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