The Spiritual Gift of Faith


The Spiritual Gift of Faith    


The Spiritual gift of Faith is the supernatural ability to trust and believe God in impossible situations even when other people around you have given up or challenge your Faith.


This gift is not to be confused with an individual’s faith that they place in Christ to be their savior but is empowerment to believe God will work the miraculous even in the most difficult situations and circumstances.

Example from the Scripture:

The gift of Faith is found many times throughout the New Testament. One example from the life of Paul the apostle is found when he was caught onboard a ship in a devastating storm and declared to all of the people on board that no one would die (Acts 21:25).

When this gift is present:

When the gift of Faith is active in a local church, God’s presence and power are experienced in a real and expedient way. Those who possess this type of Faith inspire people around them to believe for God to move in their midst even in the face of extreme difficulty. This Faith is truly contagious and raises expectations, reminding people that the impossible is only impossible without God.

When this gift is absent:

When the gift of Faith is absent in a local church, impossible situations are just that: impossible.

In the Life of Jesus:

You may be tempted to think that Jesus did need Faith because he was the Son of God, but it is important to remember that Jesus did not do anything on his own accord but only according to the will of the Father. To accomplish the miracles he performed, Jesus fully relied on his Father in an active lifestyle of Faith. (John 5:19).

Do you have the spiritual gift of Faith?

  • Do you have an unwavering trust in God when you face great obstacles, even when others give up?
  • Do people approach you when they are facing a seemingly impossible trial or task? * Do you regularly witness the power of God come through when solutions were impossible from the human point of view?
    Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of Faith:
  • Link up with a ministry that has the vision to accomplish something extraordinary. * Make it a personal goal to regularly pray for impossible situations.
  • Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.

I hope these definitions and descriptions of each spiritual gift were helpful. If you would like to learn more about spiritual gifts or discover what spiritual gifts you have, take our free spiritual gift test.

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