The Spiritual Gift of Hospitality


The Spiritual Gift of Hospitality


Hospitality is the spiritual gift and supernatural ability to welcome and receive those you have never met, and to create a warm environment for people.


People who possess the spiritual gift of hospitality have the ability to create a welcoming atmosphere that allows people that are meeting for the first time to feel right at home.

Example from the Scripture:

Abraham was commended for showing hospitality (Hebrews 13:2). New Testament leaders are commanded to be hospitable (1 Tim. 3:2), and Gaius had the unique opportunity to host the apostle Paul on his missionary journey (Romans 16:23).

When this gift is present:

When hospitality is functioning in a local visitors are warmly welcomed, and there is a general sense of warmth that permeates the congregation.

When this gift is absent:

When the gift of hospitality is missing in a local church, visitors will struggle to find their place even if they are looking to commit.

In the Life of Jesus:

The biblical word for hospitality literally means to welcome strangers. There is no greater example of this than the life and ministry of Jesus. In a time when the religious culture of his day ostracized people on the basis of their cultural standing, Jesus was known as a friend of sinners and tax collectors (Luke 7:34).

Do you have the spiritual gift of Hospitality?

* Do you look for opportunities to welcome new visitors in your church? * Do you look for opportunities to invite people over your house?
* Do people tell you that you make them feel welcome?

Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of Hospitality:

* Volunteer to host different ministries in your home.
* Talk to your pastor about connecting to new visitors at church. * Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.

I hope these definitions and descriptions of each spiritual gift were helpful. If you would like to learn more about spiritual gifts or discover what spiritual gifts you have, take our free spiritual gift test.

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