About the Spiritual Gift of Administration

Spiritual Gift of Administration


The spiritual gift of administration is a special ability given by the Holy Spirit to individuals within the church. Those with this gift demonstrate exceptional organizational skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to coordinate and manage various tasks and resources to effectively support and advance the mission of the church.


Individuals with the gift of administration are natural planners and coordinators. They possess the capacity to structure and streamline processes, allocate resources wisely, and ensure that tasks are executed efficiently for the overall benefit of the church community.

Example from Scripture:

In Acts 6:1-7, the apostles recognized the need for effective administration in the early church to address the distribution of food to widows. They appointed individuals full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom to oversee this task, leading to a well-organized system that met the needs of the community.

When the Gift is Present in the Church:

When the spiritual gift of administration is present in the church, it results in streamlined operations, increased productivity, and a well-organized structure. The church functions smoothly, allowing ministry leaders to focus on their areas of expertise with confidence in the administrative support.

When the Gift is Absent in the Church:

In the absence of the gift of administration, the church may experience disorganization, inefficiency, and potential resource mismanagement. This can lead to unnecessary stress, hinder the church’s effectiveness, and distract leaders from their primary ministries.

What It Looked Like in the Life of Jesus:

Jesus demonstrated aspects of the spiritual gift of administration during His earthly ministry. In Matthew 14:13-21, when He fed the 5,000, Jesus organized the crowd into groups and efficiently distributed the limited resources to meet the needs of everyone present.

Practical Ways to Develop the Spiritual Gift of Administration:

  1. Volunteer in Church Operations: Offer your assistance in organizing church events, activities, or administrative tasks to gain hands-on experience and hone your administrative skills.
  2. Learn Time Management: Develop strong time management skills to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and ensure smooth coordination of various activities.
  3. Communicate Effectively: Practice clear and concise communication to ensure that instructions, schedules, and plans are understood by all involved.

Examples from Church History:

  1. St. Benedict of Nursia (c. 480-547) – Known as the “Father of Western Monasticism,” St. Benedict founded the Benedictine Order and established a rule that emphasized community living, discipline, and administrative organization in monastic communities.
  2. Catherine Booth (1829-1890) – As one of the co-founders of The Salvation Army, Catherine Booth demonstrated strong administrative skills in organizing and managing the social and evangelistic activities of the organization.
  3. John Wesley (1703-1791) – As the founder of Methodism, John Wesley exhibited administrative acumen in overseeing the Methodist movement, organizing societies, and coordinating itinerant preachers to spread the gospel.
  4. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) – A missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission, Hudson Taylor displayed remarkable administrative abilities in coordinating and supporting the work of hundreds of missionaries across China.
  5. Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) – An English Quaker and social reformer, Elizabeth Fry showed strong administrative skills in her prison reform efforts, organizing charitable initiatives and advocating for improved prison conditions.


  1. Is the spiritual gift of administration limited to leading church activities? – No, the gift of administration can be applied to various areas of life, including work, home, and community involvement.
  2. Can someone learn to be more administratively gifted? – Yes, through practice, experience, and learning from others, one can grow in administrative abilities.

Ways to Grow in the Gift:

  1. Seek Opportunities to Serve: Look for ways to contribute your administrative skills in both church and non-church settings.
  2. Take Leadership Courses: Consider enrolling in leadership courses or seminars to enhance your administrative knowledge and abilities.
  3. Receive Feedback: Be open to feedback and suggestions from others on how you can improve your administrative contributions.

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