About the Spiritual Gift of Service

Spiritual Gift of Service


The spiritual gift of service (also known as the gift of helps) is a special ability given by the Holy Spirit to individuals within the church. Those with this gift have a strong desire and capacity to meet practical needs and assist others with a servant’s heart.


Individuals with the gift of service joyfully and selflessly engage in acts of kindness and support for the well-being of others. They actively seek opportunities to serve and are content behind the scenes, finding fulfillment in meeting the practical needs of the church and community.

Example from Scripture:

In 1 Peter 4:10-11, believers are encouraged to use their gifts to serve others faithfully, recognizing that all gifts come from God to bring Him glory.

When the Gift is Present in the Church:

When the gift of service is present in the church, it creates an atmosphere of love and care, where needs are met, and burdens are lightened. Those with this gift play an integral role in fostering unity and enabling other ministries to thrive.

When the Gift is Absent in the Church:

In the absence of the gift of service, the church may face challenges in fulfilling its practical responsibilities and caring for the needs of its members effectively.

What It Looked Like in the Life of Jesus:

Jesus, the ultimate servant leader, demonstrated the gift of service throughout His earthly ministry. He washed the disciples’ feet, fed the hungry, healed the sick, and cared for the marginalized, setting an example for all believers to follow.

Practical Ways to Implement and Develop the Spiritual Gift:

  1. Identify Areas of Need: Observe and inquire about the needs of others, both within the church and the broader community.
  2. Take Initiative: Step forward and offer your assistance without waiting to be asked, looking for opportunities to serve proactively.
  3. Stay Humble: Perform acts of service with a humble and willing heart, avoiding seeking recognition or praise.

Examples from Church History:

  1. Dorcas (Tabitha) (1st Century AD) – A woman from Joppa known for her acts of kindness and service to the poor, as recorded in Acts 9:36-42.
  2. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) – A Catholic nun and missionary, Mother Teresa devoted her life to serving the impoverished and marginalized in India and worldwide.
  3. Bob Goff (b. 1959) – An author, speaker, and humanitarian, Bob Goff founded Love Does, an organization dedicated to showing love through practical acts of service.


  1. Is the gift of service limited to specific tasks or responsibilities? – No, the gift of service encompasses a wide range of practical actions, from simple acts of kindness to more significant commitments.
  2. Is serving a lesser gift compared to others? – No, serving is a vital and honorable gift, as all gifts are necessary for the proper functioning of the body of Christ.

Ways to Grow in the Gift:

  1. Practice Gratitude: Cultivate gratitude for the opportunities to serve, recognizing the privilege of being able to help others.
  2. Develop New Skills: Seek opportunities to learn new skills that can enhance your ability to serve more effectively.
  3. Partner with Others: Collaborate with individuals who have different gifts to complement and enhance the impact of your service.

The spiritual gift of service is an essential aspect of Christian ministry and community life. By joyfully and selflessly meeting the practical needs of others, individuals with this gift demonstrate Christ’s love and embody the heart of a true servant. Through their acts of service, they contribute significantly to the unity, growth, and transformation of the church and the world.

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