About the Spiritual Gift of Hospitality

Spiritual Gift of Hospitality

What is the Spiritual Gift of Hospitality? :

The spiritual gift of hospitality is a special ability given by the Holy Spirit to individuals within the church. Those with this gift have a natural inclination to warmly welcome and care for others, creating a welcoming environment and meeting both physical and emotional needs.


Individuals with the gift of hospitality have a genuine love for people and a desire to make them feel valued and comfortable. They excel in creating a hospitable atmosphere, whether in their homes or within the church, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Is Hospitality a Spiritual Gift?

Yes, Hospitality is a spiritual gift and beautiful expression of Christ’s love, where individuals warmly welcome others and foster a sense of belonging. By developing this gift, believers play a significant role in building authentic and loving communities within the church and beyond.

Example from Scripture:

In Romans 12:13, the apostle Paul encourages believers to “practice hospitality” as an essential aspect of Christian living, showing love and kindness to strangers.

When the Gift is Present in the Church:

When the gift of hospitality is present in the church, it creates a warm and inclusive community where individuals feel loved and accepted. Those with this gift open their hearts and homes, promoting fellowship and genuine connections among believers.

When the Gift is Absent in the Church:

In the absence of the gift of hospitality, the church may struggle with making newcomers feel welcome and integrating them into the community. The absence of a hospitable spirit may hinder the growth and unity of the church.

What It Looked Like in the Life of Jesus:

Jesus displayed the gift of hospitality throughout His ministry by welcoming people from all walks of life, including sinners and outcasts. He invited Himself into the homes of others, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

Practical Ways to Develop the Spiritual Gift of Hospitality:

  1. Create a Welcoming Space: Ensure your home or church environment is warm and inviting, providing a safe space for people to connect.
  2. Listen and Show Empathy: Practice active listening and demonstrate genuine care for others’ needs and experiences.
  3. Extend Invitations: Initiate invitations to gatherings, meals, or events, making others feel valued and included.

Examples from Church History:

  1. St. Monica of Hippo (322-387) – St. Monica’s hospitality extended not only to her family and friends but also to travelers and those in need. She was known for her caring and welcoming nature.
  2. Dorothy Day (1897-1980) – A Catholic social activist and co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, Dorothy’s commitment to hospitality included establishing houses of hospitality for the homeless and hungry.
  3. Hannah More (1745-1833) – An English writer, philanthropist, and social reformer, Hannah More’s hospitable nature made her home a gathering place for discussions on literature, education, and social issues.

Contemporary Christian Examples:

  1. Bob Goff (b. 1959) – An author and speaker known for his genuine love for people, Bob’s life exemplifies radical hospitality and reaching out to others with kindness.
  2. Shauna Niequist (b. 1976) – A writer and speaker, Shauna’s books often emphasize the importance of hospitality and cultivating a welcoming home.


  1. Is hospitality limited to hosting meals and events? – No, hospitality involves more than just providing food and accommodations; it’s about creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  2. Can someone with the gift of hospitality be an introvert? – Yes, the gift of hospitality is not limited to extroverted personalities. Introverts can still possess a warm and welcoming demeanor.

Ways to Grow in the Gift:

  1. Practice Generous Listening: Listen attentively to others, valuing their experiences and emotions.
  2. Learn from Others: Observe how people with the gift of hospitality create welcoming spaces, and seek to implement similar practices.
  3. Embrace Vulnerability: Allow yourself to be vulnerable, creating an environment where others feel comfortable being themselves.

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