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What are Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gifts are supernatural abilities given by grace from the Holy Spirit to strengthen the Church and reveal the power of Jesus to the world.


The spiritual gift of Administration is the ability to organize people and ministries for their most effective and efficient God-glorifying outcome.


The spiritual gift of Apostle is the ability to pioneer new churches and endeavors in unchartered territories and mentor others to do the same.

Discerning of Spirits

The spiritual gift of Discerning of Spirits is the ability to at times perceive the motivations of people’s heart or the presence of good/evil spirits.


The spiritual gift of Evangelism is the ability to effectively communicate the Gospel and inspire other believers to reach their world for Christ.


The spiritual gift of Exhortation is the ability to strengthen and edify believers in their walk with God.


The spiritual gift of Faith is the ability to trust and believe God in impossible situations even when other people around you have given up or challenge your faith.

Gifts of Healing

The spiritual gift of Hospitality is the ability to welcome people, often whom you have never met, and to create a warm and charitable environment.


The spiritual gift of Giving is the ability to provide for the needs of others with great joy and generosity.


The spiritual gift of Healing is the ability to pray for those who are sick and see them recover.

Interpretation of Tongues

The spiritual gift of Interpretation of Tongues is the ability to interpret a message in tongues church service or gathering of people.


The spiritual gift of Leadership is the ability to cast vision and catalyze movement towards a common goal.


The spiritual gift of Mercy is the ability to empathize and comfort people who are mourning or suffering.


The spiritual gift of Working of Miracles is the ability to at times exercise power over laws of nature to bring glory to God.


The spiritual gift of Prophecy is the ability to spontaneously receive previously unknown information from the Holy Spirit to speak to another person for upbuilding, encouraging, and strengthening them in their faith.


The spiritual gift of Service is the ability to assist other Christians to further the work of the kingdom of God.


The spiritual gift of Shepherding is the ability to direct, protect, and correct a local congregation or group of people towards spiritual maturity.


The spiritual gift of Speaking is the ability to communicate effectively to inspire people toward Christian maturity.


The spiritual gift of Teaching is the ability to discern, communicate, and impart truth.


The spiritual gift of Tongues is the ability to speak in a previously unknown language privately to God or publicly in a church service if interpreted.

Word of Knowledge

The spiritual gift of the Word of Knowledge is the ability to know details of a situation that would otherwise be unknowable through human reason or intellect.

Word of Wisdom

The spiritual gift of the Word of Wisdom is the ability to speak a timely word brought forth by the Holy Spirit to bring peace and counsel.

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